Unlocking OUR Ancient Beauty

Stones & Crystals



Amethyst-  Protection, Purification, Divine connection, Release of addictions, Wind, Third Eye, Crown, Etheric

Amber-  Light, warming, Solar energies, Clarification, Healing, Earth, Solar Plexus

Jet-  Protection, Purification, grounding, Earth, Base

Aventurine- Vitality, growth, confidence, Water, Earth, Hart

Aquamarine- Cooling, soothing, enhancement or clear communication, Water, Throat

BloodStone-  Strength, Courage, Purification, Vitality, Earth, Root

Carnelian- Courage, Vitality, Sexuality, Confidence, Action, Fire, Root(sexual, Creation), Solar Plexus

Hermatite - Grounding, Manifestations, Making the spiritual Physical, Earth, Root (sexual/creation)

Jade-(green) Health, Abundance, Earth, Heart

Jasper- (Red)Physical strength & vitality, Stabilization of one’s energies, Earth, Root(sexual/creation)

Moldavite- Transformation, Rapid spiritual evolution, Chakra activation, Cleaning, Protection, Increased incidences of synchronizes, Storm, All chakras, (especially Heart & Third Eye)

Lapis Lazuli- Inner visions, truthful communication, royal virtues, Wind, Third Eye, Throat      



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