Unlocking OUR Ancient Beauty

Energy Healing

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*Aura Cleaning

*Crystal Healing

*Soul Healing Meditation Therapy

EARTH Healing attunement Spiritual & Physical Body Therapy

We Live our lives day to day building up stress anger, frustration, lost, grief, guilt sorrow, fear, depression, and so much more dealing with our emotional body… the message center for our life force energy, if we don’t heal emotional traumas they will live in our Being (Heart & Soul)  forever…

We have Energy centers all over our body however

the main seven being in balance will help balance the others

 The services we offer will help restore your energy, back to its original Energetic Self ..

Bringing back the youthful fun.. Loving You…

We recommend that you try our 21 Day NU/NEW Plan

this will Jump start The Renewed you ...sitting inside of waiting to BE unleashed..


 Experience the JOY of Living..

 LIVE FREE… Full & complete Unconditional LOVE & Abundance .. .. Bliss Be In you

LOVE~ Melendona Wisdom

 3 ½   Hour Service

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Refresh your Mind Body & Soul Enhance Memory Nervous  System Restore Healthy Brain Function Reverse Ageing Full Body Health for Men &Women

Blood, Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, Joints,

Aura Cleaning,

Sister Angel

Energy Healer & Nutrition Scientist

(Certified Reiki Master)