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Supreme Nutrition

Heal yourself Restore your Health/Wealth

This Booklet Was Created By Sis Angel X.

GIVE THANKS to GOD For this Special Gift,,

I pray this Cook Book is as much of a Blissing to you and your family

 as it has been to mine…

Give Thanks to Everyone that has helped on this journey

 I am forever grateful to all the educators & healers,

 All over the planet for your work (LOVE).

Thank you to my family for being with me on this journey &

 Loving me no matter my size

A Special …. Thank you to my King only a King for A Queen, Indeed


Give Thanks to All those before Me…& Ones & Ones to come after

Give Thanks for How to Eat To Live (Elijah Muhammad),

 African Holistic Health… and so much more.


Give Thanks To Mother EARTH..

 She has been producing for US in spite of our disrespect of her &  her resources ..

Eye Say... Thank You  ..

Love Your LIGHT Body




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